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#Savannah Wit

A chess engine written in Zig.

#Savannah What?

There are a few ideas behind the name: first, it's an anagram of (the first name of) a former World Chess Champion. It's also a nod to the book that first made chess click for me: Ward Farnsworth's Predator at the Chessboard. That book is illustrated with dinosaurs, but the name always made me think more of a pride of lions prowling around, looking to use their wits to prey on unsuspecting bishops and knights. Finally, wit is a nice, short, appealing executable name.

#How to build and run

The engine has no dependencies other than a sufficiently recent build of the Zig compiler. I develop against a master branch updated every week or so, but I aim to remain compatible with the stable release (currently 0.7.0) unless I have a good reason not to, which would be noted and justified here.

In its current state, the main function is unchanged from the scaffolded zig build-exe version, so the most useful thing to do is run the test suite with zig build test.


Send patches, bug reports, praise, criticism, beer offers, and any other feedback you might have to josh@inv.alid.pw.


GPLv3 or later.