Add post on Jujutsu for git scratch branches
.build.yml: Build via Nix
Fix nix build
build: protect fonts subdir and update yq package name

Non-redistributable fonts are hand-included on the server, so should
not be deleted by rsync when deploying the site.

Also, the yq package in alpine/edge now refers to the Python one, not
the Go one that should be used in the build.
build.yml: use alpine/edge instead of latest

Edge contains a more recent version of yq that was messing with the
timestamps when assembling allposts.meta.yaml, leading to date choking
and not being able to generate the RSS/Atom feeds properly.
Further work around busybox/GNU date incompatibilities
Use shopt -s lastpipe to try to make readarray work
Make date invocations compatible with busybox
Adjust sectioning in index page
Update conlang with correct notes about «yyy»
Set up RSS/Atom feed generation
flake: build website as package
fix index bio
wip migrate to djot/makefile/pandoc
quote string with colon in it
add stgit post
remove matomo stats code
Finish and publish post on containers
Add real container.nix and .envrc to post
More words on nixos-container post