A Go package for querying Open Weather Maps API.
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Veterejo is a Go package for querying weather data from Open Weather Maps.

Vetero is "weather" in Esperanto and "ejo" is place. By replacing the o of a noun with ejo the word discribes a place of that thing. (eg: Computilejo = computer-place or in English a computer lab)

#Using This Package:

  1. Get an API Key from OpenWeatheMap
  2. Import this package
  3. Create a new WeatherData struct: w := new(veterejo.WeatherData)
  4. Parse the URL: url, err := veterejo.MakeURL(yourCityID, unitsOfMeasure, yourApiId)
    • yourApiId is required
    • The rest may be omitted by passing an empty string.
    • This package defaults the units of mesaure to metric.
  5. Call the data: w.getData(url)
  6. Use the appropriate method to get the most recent data needed from OpenWeatherMap.

veterejo is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License