A multi-UI status module written in Go.
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Go Report Card


A status bar written in Go. Currently tested with DWM, i3wm, tmux, and Polybar.

#Current Features:

#Master Branch:

  • Date & Time
  • Weather via wttr.in
  • Total RAM not used
  • Total disk space left in the binary's present partition.
  • Audio volume percentage (pamixer needs installed)
  • Total battery percentage (off by default)
  • Icons
#Current UIs Tested:
  • DWM
  • i3wm
  • tmux
  • Polybar
#CLI Flags
  • -battery=true to enable battery block
  • -dateTime=false to remove the date/time block
  • -dwm=true to use in DWM's status bar
  • -emoji=true to enable emoji icons instead of Font Awesome
  • -ram=false to remove RAM remaining block
  • -storage=false to remove the home directory storage remaining block
  • -temp=false to remove the weather block
  • -tray=false to remove the "system" tray block
  • -volume=false to remove volume percentage block


#To display icons in DWM.
  1. Install Font Awesome 5 (or an emoji font)
  2. Set FontAwesome as the second font in dwm/config.h
    • eg. static const char *fonts[] = { "Source Code Pro:size=13", "Font Awesome 5 Free:style=Regular:size=14" };
    • if using an emoji font, replace the second font name with the emoji set
  3. Relaunch DWM
#To display in tmux or i3wm:
  1. Install Font Awesome 5 (or an emoji font)
    • Keep in mind that the icons are currently very small.
    • Research in progess.
#To display in Polybar:
  1. Install Font Awesome 5 (or an emoji font)
  2. Add to your Polybar config:
    • If not using Font Awesome search for your emoji set with fc-list and replace "Font Awesome 5".
font-0 = {base font here}
font-1 = "Font Awesome 5 Free:style=Regular:pixelsize=12;1"
font-2 = "Font Awesome 5 Free:style=Solid:pixelsize=12;1"
font-3 = "Font Awesome 5 Brands:pixelsize=12;1"

#How To Use:

  1. Clone repository.
  2. cd into the directory.
  3. Build the binary.
    • go build
  4. Edit your config file to use the new binary.
    • If using DWM execute with the --dwm=true flag.

#Adding to DWM:

  • If you already have a startup script for DWM just add a new line with the path to this binary.

#Addng to Tmux:

  • set -g status-right "#($HOME/PATHTO/tmux-status)"
  • If you have colors in this setting add the path at the end of the string
  • Be sure to use the correct path and name of the file you built with GO.
  • Running mv breto ~/tmux-status will allow you to use "($HOME/tmux-status)" in your config.
  • set -g status-right-length 53
  • If you are not using all the custom packages this number can be lower
  • This also will vary based on screen size. 53 is the minimum that worked for all current blocks on my montior.
  • If you notice the status getting cut off just increase the number and reload tmux.

#Adding to i3wm:

  • In the i3wm confige file, change status_command ... to status_command PATH/TO/breto

#Adding to Polybar:

  • Add the following module to your Polybar configuration file:
type = custom/script
exec = /path/to/breto
tail = true

#Wttr.in Options:

  1. Add your area to the weather function
    • Area Code: 'wttr.in/~00000?format=2'
    • City: 'wttr.in/~Paris?format=2'
  2. Add tweaks to blocks/wttr.go


  • Add CLI flag for user input for weather location.