Add terminal menu for low-level configuration

Trigger terminal menu on keypress
Track module loading
Remove MLJ code
Add TiledLayout
Add copy-paste
Add node deletion
Remove extra deps, make things work again

Run GUI main loop in function, passing AdjutantState struct
Add exports
Remove old code and deps
Allow loading user's project

Loads specified project, if passed as first shell argument
Moved my own code to MyAdjutant.jl
Renamed Adjutant struct to AdjutantState
Fixed node editor debugging
Added Condition field to Processor
Working on async Processor workers
Refactor node editor

Add slot connected color
Factor slot selection/connection handling into interact_slot
Initial attempt at disconnect all links on slot (untested)
Cleaned up VideoCameraWidget and OpenGLImageWidget
Make things work together in node editor

Make node slots determined based on widget processor slots
Attach slots between processors on link creation
Show slot names next to slot
Add node editor!

Added basic node editor, WIP integration to processing
Added processor field to Widget
Add processing logic, move things around

Added Processing system for async compute based on Observables
Moved video camera and image rendering into widgets
Moved MLJ logic into easily-disabled file (loading time)
Cleaned up Adjutant struct
Add camera and microphone/speaker functionality

Depend on VideoIO, PortAudio#jps/julia1-bb, SampledSignals
Modify OpenGLImageWidget to accept an image-generating function
Add initial code bits for mic/speaker (widgets TODO)
Update TODO.md with some unrelated ideas and hopes/dreams
Fix keyboard callbacks breaking regular functionality
Use Ctrl+key instead of Shift+key for defaults keybindings
Fix and re-enable MLJ widgets, etc.
Allow AddWidgetForm to fallthrough to default widget
Small overhaul of widgets and UI

Add simple image rendering and manipulation code
Make formal-ish widget system
Add some basic widgets
Disable MLJ temporarily
Refactor functionality, add key bindings

Added multi-key bindings
Added fitness calculation