Rust bindings for gtk-layer-shell
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Remove -rs suffix from crate name
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Depend on released versions of gtk-rs crates
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#Rust bindings for gtk-layer-shell

This repository provides Rust bindings for the https://github.com/wmww/gtk-layer-shell library. To use these bindings, it is assumed that you have built and installed gtk-layer-shell and its dependencies.


Examples can be found in the examples/ directory. To run an example:

$ cargo run --example example

#Regenerating bindings

Sometimes the .gir file for gtk-layer-shell will need to be updated with new versions, API changes, etc. The bindings will need to be regenerated when the new file is added.

To regenerate the bindings:

$ make gir

Afterwards, ensure that building and running the examples still works.


@wmww for gtk-layer-shell in the first place