cargo-graph / cargo-deps replacement using cargo-lock and cargo_metadata
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Upgrade dependencies
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Publish v1.2.2
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Fix --exclude not working for workspace members



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Creates dependency graphs for cargo projects using cargo metadata and graphviz.


cargo install cargo-depgraph

If you are using Arch Linux, you can alternatively install the AUR package cargo-depgraph.


cargo depgraph [options] | dot -Tpng > graph.png

The full list of options can be seen by running

cargo depgraph --help

Commonly useful options:

  • --all-deps

cargo-depgraph's dependency graph

  • --all-deps --dedup-transitive-deps

cargo-depgraph's dependency graph with transitive dependency edges de-duplicated

#Output explanation

  • square node = root / workspace member
  • grey background = target-specific dependency
  • dotted lines = optional dependency (could be removed by disabling a cargo feature)
  • dashed lines = transitively optional dependency (could be removed by removing one of the dotted edges)
  • line colors = dependency kinds w.r.t. root / workspace members
    • black = normal
    • blue = dev-dependency
    • green = build-dependency
    • light turquoise = build-dependency of a dev-dependency
    • dark green = both normal and build-dependency
    • violet = both dev-dependency and build-dependency
    • … not seen in the wild yet, but theoretically possible:
      • dark turquoise = both normal and build-dependency of a dev-dependency
      • pastel blue = both dev-dependency and build-dependency of a dev-dependency
    • red = you broke it