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Update config.toml
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

M config.toml
M config.toml => config.toml +6 -11
@@ 1,26 1,21 @@
# The URL the site will be built for
title = "blog.turbo.fish"
base_url = "https://blog.turbo.fish"
description = "Jonas Platte's personal blog"

# Whether to automatically compile all Sass files in the sass directory
compile_sass = false

# Whether to do syntax highlighting
# Theme can be customised by setting the `highlight_theme` variable to a theme supported by Zola
generate_rss = true
highlight_code = true
highlight_theme = "visual-studio-dark"

# Whether to build a search index to be used later on by a JavaScript library
compile_sass = false
build_search_index = false

# Generate RSS feed
generate_rss = true

about = """
I am the creator of the web­site [turbo.fish][]. You may also know me
I am the creator of [turbo.fish][] and [caniuse.rs][]. You may also know me
because of my involvement with the [ruma][] project.

[turbo.fish]: https://turbo.fish/
[caniuse.rs]: https://caniuse.rs/
[ruma]: https://www.ruma.io/