73c03c4a4edf4739c65aadcda09d8057e4bf93e5 — Jonas Platte a month ago 13a1532
Adjust build script to work independently of git's default initial branch name
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M .build.yml
M .build.yml => .build.yml +2 -2
@@ 20,10 20,10 @@ tasks:

      git config --global user.email "noreply@turbo.fish"
      git config --global user.name "the turbofish"
      git init
      git init -b gh-pages
      git add -A
      git commit -m "Add files generated by zola"
      git push -f git@github.com:jplatte/blog.turbo.fish master:gh-pages
      git push -f git@github.com:jplatte/blog.turbo.fish gh-pages
  # Links can break in old articles. This should be checked in CI, but should
  # not break publishing new articles, so it is done after deploying the site.
  - check_links: |