Centreing Menu Bar

Better centred when it is a span with a block attribute.
Menu bar layout

Rationalising and cleaning this up. Centring the menu items and fixing the issue on smaller screen widths where items would show below the line.
Dashboard Changes

Rationalising things to look cleaner and more like the project homepage.

Dashboard now shows a list of the 3 latest comments and a count of unapproved comments.
Dashboard CSS Update

Adding elements to front page of dashboard. This is the supporting CSS.
ADD: Comment backup download now available.

Added option to downlaod a JSON backup from the sites page. This gives a JSON file of all comments associated with the site with id, name, body, and threadId.
Beginning backup work
Beginning backup work

Adding AGPL to this project.
FIX: Tenant create link in Index styling

Updating this to use the correct css class. This was already in production.
a5548e8e — jpgleeson 2 years ago
ADD: Setup instructions page. Assorted title fixes.

Add setup page to the menu at the top with instructions on setting up caint.casa on a site.
3b2e35e5 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
ADD: Per thread automatic approval of comments

Add bool to threads that allow comments posted there to be automatically approved without admin input.
c741db79 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
ADD: Sites link in header
eeb653e7 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
FIX: Only sites owned by owner show up in index

Forgot to check against ownerId when making query.
6e6cd1b8 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
ADD: Tenant name creation

Users can now create their own tenant names associated with their account so sites can be created ad hoc. These can also be renamed, and associated threads will have their hostname property updated to the new name for the tenant.
44ff8fcf — jpgleeson 2 years ago
Unapproved Comment Filter Page

Added a handler to the comment page that will only show those comments that haven't been approved yet.
da3624c0 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
Updated index page.
cabb7fec — jpgleeson 2 years ago
Had not updated threads index to use the pagebase

Everything seems to work as expected now.
a4411996 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
Further work on splitting and authorisation.

Matching current API state. Using an authorised page handler to ensure only threads from owned tenantNames are shown.
47db76b9 — jpgleeson 2 years ago
Identity scaffolding

Basic authentication. Next up is adding authorisation to everything, which will dovetail in with the tenant database from the API.