Remove the admin stuff from the API. This is handled by the dashboard
Sanitize the commenter name as well.
ADD: Placeholder comments

Submitted comments are added to the thread immediately upon submitting even if comments not set to be approved. They are marked as placeholder so the user knows they aren't approved. Just a UI quality of life thing.
Remove SanitizeHTML function

Escaping is done on server. No need for this on clientside and actually messes a bit with allowing html etc.
As previous

Fix clip of file to commit.
ADD: Add placeholder comment message when a comment is submitted.

It's weird that there is no feedback on submitting a comment if the site is set to approve comments before showing up. This lets you know it's not just lost in the ether, while still being simpler than checking through the returned thread on submittal to see if the new comment is added.

Added readme with outline of a roadmap for caint.

Adding the AGPL for this.
FIX: Sanitizing HTML

Doing it both through the javascript and then also on the server.
ADD: Per thread automatic approval of comments

Threads have a property that allows comments posted in them to be automatically approved. This is toggleable in the dashboard for each thread.
FIX: Add ownerId to new comments.

ownerId is now added to new comments. Everything worked correctly before the way I was using and manipulating comments, but when I implemented the unapproved comments with the dashboard, I was filtering by ownerId on each comment rather than by threadId, and they didn't show up because they were all set to null.
Handle null owner in thread.

Fixed crash that resulted from no owner being assigned to a thread. This was a legacy issue from updating the live database as I went without referencing the new owner id's.
OwnerId added to models

To allow for good tenant management. The Comment model itself only needs to have the ownerid as a convenience function for the dashboard, but I could refactor it out to only use thread ownerIds if that seemed better at some point.
Set to local rather than live

This queries the local server rather than the live version now for development.
Beginning to add multi-tenant capabilities.

Basic run through of checking the tenant names against a table with approved tenants. If tenantName is found in that list, then the comment is taken into the database, even if the tenant is not active. This includes migrations to add this to the database.
Fixed javascript not loading thread on first load.
Change tenantName.

Tenant name should be set by the site admin to a certain name. This is an easier way of allowing all subdomains etc to a site to either use the same comment system, or for them to be separate.
Move to SQLite as database for now.

Changed to sqlite. Also removed admin stuff from the regular js file. DB migrations added.