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caint is a comment system.

Self-Hosting Documentation
    Technical writing is hard. I also need to update DB scaffolding files to ensure everything is correct.
Redo Dashboard UX
    Dashboard currently defaults to nothing, just the welcome message and a menu above it with links to the constituent parts. It would be more useful to show some information on the dashboard frontpage - possibly unapproved comment counts, the most recent comments with link to the page, etc.
Unapproved reminder email
    A user configurable option to have a reminder email sent weekly(?) if any comments remain unapproved would be helpful for lower traffic sites that don't get checked regularly.
Support for comments sent via email.
    Similar to the sr.ht lists feature. Each "thread" should have it's own hash associated, emails sent to hash@caint.casa should be taken on a regular basis by the software and converted into a comment.
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