dda2373a — jpgleeson 4 months ago master
Field of View and Fog of War added.
8ae1807e — jpgleeson 4 months ago
Randomly selects between the two generation methods to create the map.
4f8823eb — jpgleeson 4 months ago
Added drunkards walk cave generation as an optional map generation method. Currently quite naive, will return to the start point if it is being pushed outside of the map bounds which creates more branches from the start. A good looking cave right now. Will possibly add a smoothing pass to the cave as a random pass next.
da0dd6da — jpgleeson 5 months ago
Added vertical collonaded rooms. Removed the intersecting rooms.
365689ab — jpgleeson 5 months ago
Added collonaded rooms
8a19f743 — jpgleeson 5 months ago
Initial commit. Part 3 of the roguelike tutorial with adapted map generation to give some more variety.