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@@ 33,6 33,7 @@ On the server side:
* minimal exposure (attac surface)
* dedicated hosting environment with network partitioning (datacenters)
* backups, high avaliability, configuration management, change requests etc.
* virtualization/compartmentization/VLAN/VPN etc.
* professional administrators
* etc.

@@ 100,3 101,11 @@ This should include payments as well:
* it should be possible to pay for OS and web application as well
* there may be a community behind this that you want to support

# How to get there

## Towards ideal world

* We could start from scratch and write new OS in Rust with security in mind for easy hosting of internet services
* We can use IPv6 overlay networks like https://yggdrasil-network.github.io to flatten the internet
* Use 9p or similar protocol as base for management protocols
* Design systems in distribute and highly available way by default