move back to using 16bit samples
fixed a number of bugs causing the scheduler to hang.
fixed incredibly stupid static allocation bug (took me hours!).
added NOP command.
added simulation command.
increased the blink rate because I'm impatient.
code cleanup for readability.
swapped shm/tty uart initialization order while testing, no need to swap it back.
added simulation command.
fixed integer sizing bug. (was using an uint16_t where I needed a uint32_t)
reduce logging.
reduce the debug logging
added commands for testing.
fixed a couple index bugs (was using bytes instead of samples).
app now polls the ioctl to get the wc, continuously.
cleanup logging.
ensure it cleans all resultant files.
removed the last vestiges of that stupid rpmsg module
2048 SAMPLES not 2048 BYTES. dolt.
added linux userland test program
stopped using rpmsg since it was exactly like virt_uart.
added channel name parameter to allow reuse
organize linux directory into kernel and user progs
finished initial version of linux driver.
finished initial version of firmware rpmsg channel.