Fix module for moving to sourcehut
Add fmt directive to Makefile
Set up nix shell
Fix typo in README
Update format of version printer
Update stub token to 'token' in README examples
Reformat README with 80 char fill-column
Sort channels by name in interactive file
Rename slack.SlackClient to slack.HTTPClient
Update github.com/slack-go/slack to v0.9.0
Fix typo in README
Fill in usage params for cli.App and cli.Commands
Fetch full editor path and add default editor as Vim
Update state to store Slack channels as map of ID to slack.Channel
Update ListChannels to use limit of 1000
Remove fetching user preferences
Clean up concurrent execution of commands
Refactor internal/slack

- Replace 'conversation' identifiers with 'channel'.
- Abstract rate.Limiter params in SlackClient into single rateLimiter
type that contains both tier2 and tier3 rate limiters.
- Remove unused context.Context and replace with instantiating through
Remove lint length lint