nvim: Add additional language client mappings
tmux: Update bindings for {next,previous}-window
nvim: Disable showing docs on language client completion
nvim: Update default FZF layout to split

FZF default layout was recently changed to a floating window. This patch
changes the default back to a window split.
nvim: Add to spelling list
nvim: Add gopls to language client server commands
nvim: Add mapping for language-client rename
zsh: Set env for GPG to select the right TTY (for pinentry)
alacritty: Update sycamore config to link in common
idea: Link in malus
idea: Add config
zsh: Add and link malus zprofile
Fix mkdir compatibility for BSD
Add BSD and GNU utils scripts

Add utils scripts for GNU and BSD with functions that abstract over
symlinking files (symlink) and directories (symlinkdir) for
compatibility across profiles
git: Set default branch to master
Namespace link functions with profile
zsh: Link in common and sycamore
zsh: Add config

Migrate config from old dotfiles.
nvim: Link in common
nvim: Add config

Migrate config from old dotfiles.
smerge: Link in common and sycamore