[nvim] Add to spelling list
[x11] Add support for HJKL mode switch on the HHKB
Add emacs directory and link function
[subl] Remove config
Remove unused import in the link_modules script
[zsh] Update default less flags to soft wrap long lines
[subl] Add neovintageousrc
[subl] Add binding for lsp_hover
[subl] Add column ruler for RustEnhanced filetypes
[subl] Override color-scheme cursor values to improve NeoVintageous
[subl] Install NeoVintageous and TOML packages
Setup sublime project
[git] Add sublime-workspace pattern to global ignore
[subl] Set rust_region_style for RustEnhanced package
[smerge] Set caret_style to solid
[smerge] Update font for sidebar_heading
[subl] Disable LSP driven diagnostics panel
[subl] Install Origami package
[smerge] Set editor to subl
[subl] Add RustFmt package and update settings for rust packages
[subl] Add RustEnhanced package and globally enabled LSP rust-analyzer