[alacritty] Update font to Inconsolata
[alacritty] Update config for 0.5.0 release
[nvim] Remove text width and color column for markdown
[nvim] Upgrade plug
[nvim] Add to spelling list
[nvim] Remove deprecated option for deoplete
[nvim] Add plugin for handlebars/mustache templates
[nvim] Add plugin for Go development
[nvim] Fix highlighting colors for git gutter
[nvim] Add to spelling list
[alacritty] Change browser from vivaldi to firefox-developer-edition
[zsh] Add env vars for Go development
[nvim] Set indentation width of html and scss fts to 2
[nvim] Add to spell list
Revert "[zsh] Disable vi-mode bindings"

This reverts commit d93dd3a317183f5f77d1afe9beb7a57f1727e555.
[zsh] Load N_PREFIX and add N_PREFIX/bin to PATH
[nvim] Use <C-k> for escape
[x11] Better comments in Xmodmap config
[ergodox] Update firmware
[zsh] Disable vi-mode bindings