ref: e27b6062bcd9e89991fec277bc81ca5c66edbed0 arduino-quiz/quiz/quiz.ino -rw-r--r-- 12.8 KiB
e27b6062 — josealberto4444 2 years ago
Add answering functions
d9e6a848 — josealberto4444 2 years ago
Display questions and answers stored in flash mem.
1c0e82f4 — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Add pause and resume functions
cf02a26d — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Add remote control and ditch delay in scrolling

Both scrolling functions are joined in a class and made compatible with other
tasks at the same time (for example, receiving an order to switch the scrolling
11fc32f2 — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Clean it and free it!

The best moment for making a project free (as in freedom) is always now.

I added that additional permission to the AGPL because the library
LiquidCrystal_I2C (whose original code is in
https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/I2C/TWI_LCD1602_Module_(SKU:_DFR0063) )
has no license, so it's not free software and could not be combined with GPL
without that permission.
578263ad — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Add a timeout for becoming inactive

There is also a mock main task which is displaying the number of seconds since
the board was plugged in.
047489fc — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Ditch all delay functions in welcome

Now, the melody and the screen blinking happen simultaneously when the motion
sensor is triggered, and most of the code is moved to the loop.
d5eaefd5 — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Add welcome and link it to motion event
53970238 — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Add message scrolling functions
38b69eea — josealberto4444 3 years ago
Start empty Arduino project