cf462a85365a54f0e4184ea48db4530733f0214e — josealberto4444 7 years ago 84f3028
Minor fixes.
2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M bot.py
M cronBot.py
M bot.py => bot.py +0 -1
@@ 166,7 166,6 @@ def send_APOD_all(message):
def create_new_subscription(message):
		if (searchSubscriber(message.chat.id)[0] == False):
			bot.reply_to(message, "La suscripción se ha realizado correctamente. Recibirás la APOD cada día. =)")

M cronBot.py => cronBot.py +2 -0
@@ 5,6 5,8 @@ import os.path
import requests
import telebot
from time import gmtime, strftime
from configparser import ConfigParser
from os.path import exists

def CheckCfg(cfg_file, bName):
	"""Check if the config file exists and return the token if so. If not, create a new config file."""