Mostly Bash scripts for automating desktop installs and configuring.
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#Desktop Scripts

This is a collection of scripts I run on my desktop, laptops, or other daily use devices when I have a fresh install of a Linux distro. I use these personally and it should be noted somethings may be hardcoded and not work for everyone. If you do dare to use any of these please adjust and double check the scripts to match your desired setup.

Most of these are geared towards installing the programs I use, setting up cifs for my samba shares and creating systemlinks to the shares. Replacing local/system default folders. Therefor creating a centralized storage among all devices.

I'm currently using SwayWM, some scripts may be intended for that use.

  • start_wifi.sh Bash This is using wpa-supplicant to start my wifi. You would need to create the correct config for yourself.
  • sudo_setup_cifs.sh Bash Simply setups cifs to enable mounting smb shares.
  • sudo_fresh_install.sh Bash The script installs software from distro repo, 3rd party sources (eg: Discord), flatpak, and snap.
  • fresh_install2.sh Bash _Script deletes default user dirs and creates sys-links pointing to smb shares. (Documents -> /mnt/smb_share/Documents)

I recently started learning Bash scripting, and figured I would automate my Linux installs to make my life easier for when I rage wipe/install another distro. Feel free to send thoughts or hate emails over my sloppy and sort of ugly scripts ;)