A discord bot for the game PWI (Perfect World International)
6caf9bc1 — Jordan 3 months ago
Merge pull request #1 from jordan31bit/development
Changed scrapper.py to main.py to indicate this is the file which should be run with the python interpreter to start the bot.
Fixed misspelling in README and changed worrding a bit.


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#SIMP_PWIbot is simply a PWI (Perfect World International) discord bot.

This discord bot aims to be simple and easy to run on any device that has Python interpreter installed.

  • Auto check for game server status (not yet fully implemented)
  • Manual check for game server status
  • Searching PWICats for prices on specified game server (not yet implemented)
  • Create reminders that can have a specific date & time set (not yet implemented)
  • Displays current (active) Blessings/codes

This project is a spare-time project. It is open-source and welcomes patches/pull-requests.