North Carolina


An amateur yet handsome fellow/student learning the computer sciences. Check out my blog or Mastodon if you want to know more. Crowesnest.io is my landing page consisting of all my services I host or use, like my Peertube instance.

Also hosts a Gemini server: gemini://gemini.crowesnest.io

Contact me @

Pleroma: https://pleroma.crowesnest.io/jordan Email: jordan@crowesnest.io


Personal landing page for crowesnest.io


A discord bot for the game PWI (Perfect World International)


Landing page for a Youtube gaming channel


Newbie programming student attempting AOC using C++.


A very simple, small rocket that I was making to learn about a few tools.


CAD file for a pi zero w case.


FreeCad and STL mesh files of the Christian Cross.


Mostly Bash scripts for automating desktop installs and configuring.


Motly Bash scripts for installing software and configuring NAS or simple servers.


Simple Bash script for displaying battery status, cpu temp, etc. in SwayWM or tmux status bar.


Bash script for downloading anime via rss feed.


Random beginner practices and such while I relearn C++.


A tool that creates a screenshot inside a TTY.