Problem: io_srv doesn't know where to send jobs


 - Pass the information about through sofo_monitor to subscribers
    a. Workers that are automatically started in sofo_pool at
    b. Workers that might be dynamically added as the application runs
	(dead code so far)
 - Have io_srv subscribe to sofo_monitor
Problem: default formatter sucks

 - Condifure default formatter to be 80-wide, not inline stuff.

Sadly, we've completely messed up rebar.config and it doesn't seem to be
formattable with rebar3 format. But hey... You win some, you lose some.
Problem: no easy to use binary stream editor


 - Using Erlang features
 - Design a binary stream editor system (see README.md)
 - Start implementation, lay out necessary modules, hinting at the
	supervision tree.