That doma.dev guy


A collection of tools to manage Doma CDN


Devise model and strategy for do-auth SSO.


Reads some files from STDIN and either forgets their basename entirely or replaces part of the name with bash string replacement.


Doma somewhat-soverign-authentication prototype


A git-based archive of gemini://gemini.trans-neptunian.space/~smog/mirrors.gmi with a README.md index.


Various cute snippets, arranged by programming language.


Shut up about the licenses and write code.


sourcehut fork of A. B. Downey's "Think Stats", 2nd Edition


Jonn's fork of Serokell's libsodium haskell wrapper


Binary editor. It's like sed, but for binary data.


Enters a directory and makes a useful tmux session there


Clone of ~doma/Scrapheap, the simplistic react-native cardboard simulator.


Back up your configurations into a secure Git repo. !!! NOT A SECRET MANAGER !!! PUT SECRETS INTO TARGET REPO AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!


Mastodon non-functional fork, deployed at social.doma.dev