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Version 0.1.5-SNAPSHOT
Add option to ignore additional properties when validating
Update copyright information
Show clojars badge in README so we always point to the latest release.
Version 0.1.4-SNAPSHOT
Report on location of errors, cleanup some lint.
Bump versions of deps to support OpenAPI 3.1.0 specification
Fix example in wrap-request-validator docstring.
Prep move to jomco org
middleware 1st attempt. update dependencies
link to cljdoc instead of github pages
Update copyright years and bump version
Cleanup: don't reimplement defaults from swagger-request-validator

When using `proxy` we couldn't fallback on default interface
method, but swithing to `reify` allows that. This change removes the
re-implemented code. Less code is usually better.
Allow supplying the specification as string
Update to swagger-request-validator-core "2.8.3"