fix sidedness stuff
squash F[1-12] keys closer together to free Super key

This plays better w window navigation stuff in my emacs conf.
Add Colemak-DH layout & make it the default
jojo: On clicky, master right & fix encoder media keys w delays
Update for kyria 2.0 low profile robin board
Move gaming layer before symbol & func layers
Replace (super +) DMEDI tap-dance w FUNC/SYMB + left encoder
FUNC + rotary encoders to go prev/next (radion channel)/track
Move åäö to fn key and right half
Workgirl, & set OLD_ONE from shell
add extra symbol & special letter layer

Atm, only has åäö. May add greek letters & less common symbols later.
tweak game layer
Move + to more intuitive position
update gaming layer
Update config
Remove unused OLED code
Initial commit