The Kapreolo Programming Language
add some commented test ideas
Collapse chain of decision tree tests to switch
subst all tvars in expr tree when done checking def


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#The Kapreolo Programming Language

WIP of language logo. Two roe deer leaping, one above the other. They form the shape of paired parentheses.

Goal: an interactive functional programming language.

Imagine a statically typed functional programming language you work with in a game engine-like live coding IDE.

Some things I want to have in the language itself and the core compiler to enable this vision:

  • immutability by default
  • algebraic effects
  • lispy syntax (because I like it)
  • on-demand & incremental compilation
  • incremental linking & hot code reload (or maybe VM / interpreter. We'll see.)
  • Go-like memory management and/or actor model

Don't visit https://kapreol.io/ yet. It's still empty.