ref: db87ea9bdce9470b546bb3098f5d79a9b1023af1 Carth/test d---------
Add some test-cases for specific typecheck errors
Change avg depth of Arbitrary expr trees & run 10k tests

Previous values sometimes seemed to cause divergence
Update testing Arbitrary insts for updated AST
Separate module SrcPos
Fix test-suite for Megaparsec transition
fix tests: Readd Pretty impls for Ast & inst Arbitrary for ConstructorDefs
Move Arbitrary insts to test/Arbitrary.hs
Disallow arbitrary constructors of reserved names like "Fun"

Also increase number of tests
39c50856 — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Shrink Arbitrary ASTs for easier debugging. Require more successes.
7a3248c5 — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Add Match, FunMatch, Pat. Lam -> Fun. Use NonEmpty lists. Module Pretty
98ab37e5 — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Wrap ident in newtype, parse defs, parse program
e4c8013f — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Fix som literal parsing - parse test now passes
bd29c47c — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Move AST to Ast.hs, add pretty printer, testing w quickcheck + hspec
d2dac381 — Johan Johansson 3 years ago
init stack project