ref: ae1d242d7d48292779dcbd953e5864bb4211e1ca Carth/stack.yaml.lock -rw-r--r-- 808 bytes
Update stackage release & use default-extensions in cabal file

Also, fix some minor breakages caused by ghc update, fix the
literate.org example, fix some new warnings, and get rid of the need
for a bunch of Data implementations by using basic parsing functions
in SystemSpec.hs.
Update stackage release to 16.18
Update resolver to lts-16.16
Update stackage release to 16.11
Update stackage release to lts-15.1

Had some trouble building the thing on new laptop, both on Guix and
with Stack on Arch. I couldn't find much info about it, but one person
suggested memory error. I hoped this wasn't the case, since the laptop
is brand new, but that it instead was some kind of GHC/Cabal
bug. Indeed, the GHC version in both cases was 8.6.something. Updating
to 8.8.something with LTS 15.1 seems to have helped! While the
miscompilation occured a bit randomly before, it was still likely to
happen, but now the compilation succeeded on the first try, so that
was probably it!
Update gitignore