ref: 749208029494a7c48ce04444a513424f4b998416 Carth/guix.scm -rw-r--r-- 4.0 KiB
std-rs: use native-tls inst of rustls. Better for gemini

Rustls is too strict for non-web, self signed, TOFU use, so use rustls
instead. Right now, TLS does no verification, but we'll fix this.
Rename foreign-core to std-rs
Update guix.scm

Include building the foreign core. Propagate it along libsigsegv.

Includes a commented out part that patches Compile.hs to refer to the
shared libraries by absolute path. I thought this was needed to build
on Guix, but maybe not. We'll see.
Add guix.scm for building Carth with Guix

My patches for ghc-llvm-hs{-pure,} were merged into Guix, so we can do
this without locally defined dependencies now! Woot!