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Update .gitignore

Realized that the binary rule also includes any file without
extension, like "Makefile" or "LICENSE"...
gitignore binaries
Test that examples and benchmarks compile

So now, `stack test` will: test that programs in test/tests/bad/ don't
typecheck, and fail with the expected error variant; test that
programs in examples/ compile; and test that programs in test/bench/

Next: test that programs in test/tests/good/ run and produce the
expected output.
Update gitignore
Update gitignore
Remove package.yaml in favor of just carth.cabal

It's annoying having to type out all modules in exposed-modules, but
still, this means a bit less complexity.
Update gitignore
Prefix debug files (like out.ll) with ".dbg." to make invisible

Also gitignore them
Update gitignore
cca581c3 — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Rename language to "Carth"
d2dac381 — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
init stack project