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Change domain from carth.jo.zone to carth.pink
🎉 Add garbage collection with Boehm GC!

Almost trivial addition. I should have done this sooner!

Still, I wish to some day write my own GC. We don't have to be
satisfied with a conservative GC specialized for C -- we can make a
bunch of assumptions and to better!
Update README about dependencies at compiler compiletime and runtime
Read env vars of lib path and module path at runtime

Before they were compiled into the `carth` binary, but to work with
Guix in the future, I feel it's better to allow the paths to be
changed arbitrarily by the user/system without recompilation.
Update README: it's AGPLv3 *or later* & note about virality
Update README to reflect new build procedure with `make install`
Disclaim WIP status in readme

Jot down that algebraic datatypes are basically done, but we've got
call conv bugs to squish.
Add external item declarations

To test it out, change print-int from being a builtin to being an
extern function.
Remove interpreter. Won't be compatible with foreign functions

May re-add it later, but not for general usage, but just evaluation of
pure expressions when doing codegen for global, non-function variables
and in other constexpr contexts.
Reimplement foreign core library in Rust

Because Rust is much nicer than C.
Remove features &example from README. They belong on the site.
Remove include of removed page.org in todo, readme
Add website link in readme
Fix section-levels in README
Setup a rudimentary website at jo.zone/carth/
Literate programming: Compile .org by untangling carth src blocks
Update README w small example and indent and stuff
Add usage examples to README