ref: 3f71c019bc3fd13360c650cd69e5e211660db158 Carth/stack.yaml -rw-r--r-- 1.1 KiB
Update resolver to get llvm 9.0.1
Use hackage llvm-hs-pretty

... now that it has been updated to Reason for using a
git-reference before was that the previous version on hackage was
not up-to-date and incompatible with latest llvm or smth.
Update resolver to lts-14.1 & minor dependency fixes

llvm-hs is now included in stackage, so no longer a need for extra dep
there! Also, I don't remember why parsec was locked to a specific
version unlike all other deps (other than llvm-*), so removed that.
9fa96556 — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Start getting some structure. Begin impl gen of const
d0c7e21b — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Use llvm 8
d7049d3a — Johan Johansson 2 years ago
Add llvm-hs dependency
d2dac381 — Johan Johansson 3 years ago
init stack project