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Jot down that algebraic datatypes are basically done, but we've got
call conv bugs to squish.
Add external item declarations

To test it out, change print-int from being a builtin to being an
extern function.
Remove interpreter. Won't be compatible with foreign functions

May re-add it later, but not for general usage, but just evaluation of
pure expressions when doing codegen for global, non-function variables
and in other constexpr contexts.
Reimplement foreign core library in Rust

Because Rust is much nicer than C.
Remove features &example from README. They belong on the site.
Remove include of removed page.org in todo, readme
Add website link in readme
Fix section-levels in README
Setup a rudimentary website at jo.zone/carth/
Literate programming: Compile .org by untangling carth src blocks
Update README w small example and indent and stuff
Add usage examples to README
High-level overview of features and roadmap in README
Update copyright year
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Rename language to "Carth"
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AGPLv3 license
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Initial commit