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Jot down that algebraic datatypes are basically done, but we've got
call conv bugs to squish.
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M TODO.org
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@@ 4,12 4,19 @@ Purely functional programming with lisp-syntax. Less infix, more parens!

Visit [[https://carth.jo.zone/][https://carth.jo.zone/]] for an overview of the language and more info.

* Features
  - Scheme-inspired syntax and feel
  - Static, Hindley-Milner typechecking à la ML
  - Currying
  - Closures
  - Algebraic datatypes
  - LLVM-based backend

* Roadmap
  This is a high-level overview of what is planned for the language, and
  some of the points are just tentative. See [[./TODO.org][TODO.org]] for more extensive
  list of planned features and more detailed descriptions.

  - Algebraic datatypes
  - Typeclasses
  - Higher kinded types
  - Effect system

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@@ 95,7 95,7 @@ the fix etc:
    Made an almost 1:1 implementation of Sestoft's algorithms. It's

** TODO Handle recursive datatypes
** DONE Handle recursive datatypes
   Consider the linked list ~(type (List a) Nil (Cons a (List a)))~,
   how should this type be represented in memory? If we just naively
   represent it as a flat structure without any indirection, it will

@@ 123,8 123,24 @@ the fix etc:
             point to make `Foo` representable

*** Completed
    Decided to go with explicit ~Box~ type and ~box~/~deref~ syntax, at
    least for now. ~Box~ is a heap-allocated pointer which currently
    leaks, but should probably be GCd. A datatype definition recursive
    without ~Box~ indirection will now throw an error.

** TODO Document in reference
** NEXT Uninhabited types
   Definition and pattern-matching of.
* TODO C Calling Convention
  Gotta implement it more fully. Handle small structs / whatever.

** TODO Fix Call Conv related bugs
   There's some stuff that doesn't work quite right.

   ~(display-inline (id (str-append (id s) (id "\n"))))~

   This doesn't print properly. Seems to be call conv issue, or alignment.
* NEXT Typeclasses
** Agda style classes w implicit args
   In Haskell, you can only have a single instance of a specific