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Release 0.3.0. Update CHANGELOG & bump version
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* 0.0.2 <2019-10-30>
* v0.3.0 <2020-01-07>
  Make runnable on others systems & impl C calling convention

** Make runnable on others systems
   Remove hardcoded paths & make the build procedure more general with
   a Makefile with configurable variables. Now anyone can simple clone
   the repo and run ~make install~ to get a properly built and working

** Add basic import system
   Very rudimentary. Not much more fancy than C-style copy-paste

   E.g. ~(import std)~ where ~std.carth~ or ~std.org~ is either in the
   same directory as the file being compiled, or in the global module
   directory, which is set when compiling Carth and defaults to

** Reimplement foreign-core lib in Rust
   Also add a bunch of functions to it, like `-str-append`,
   `display-inline`, `add-int`, `-panic`, and more.

** Link with foreign definitions using the ~extern~ special form
   E.g. ~(extern -panic (Fun Str Unit))~

** Implement C calling convention
   Carth functions now follow the C calling convention, passing things
   by reference and returning via register when appropriate,
   etc. Interfacing with foreign C/Rust/etc code is now almost trivial!

   According to ABI, bools are now ~i8~ instead of ~i1~.

** Remove interpreter
   Not much point in keeping it, since it's not compatible with FFI
   as-is. Maybe we'll reimplement it based on LLVM JIT at some point.

** Allow irrefutable patterns as function parameters
   E.g. ~(define (fst (Pair a _)) a)~

** Add more primitive integral types
   ~Nat8~, ~Nat16~, ~Nat32~, ~Nat~, ~Int8~, ~Int16~, ~Int32~.

** Add ~Box~
   Like the old ~Ptr~, but smarter. Also add the special form ~box~
   put a value on the heap, and ~deref~ to dereference a box.

   Also allow ~Box~ as a special kind of destructor in patterns. Works
   as you'd intuitively expect, and dereferences behind the scenes.

** Add some builtin datatypes
   In Carth syntax:
   #+BEGIN_SRC carth
   (type (Array a) (Array (Box a) Nat))
   (type Str (Str (Array Nat8)))
   (type (Pair a b) (Pair a b))

** Generate strings as newly added datatype ~Str~

** Scale datatype tag size by the number of variants
   - 1 variant => no tag,
   - 1 to 256 variants => 8-bit tag,
   - 257 to 65536 variants => 16-bit tag,
   - etc.

** Check that datatype definitions are not recursive without indirection

** Allow wildcards in patterns
   They were treated as variables of name ~_~ before, but duplicate
   variable pattern bindings are not allowed!

** Allow integer and boolean literals in patterns

** Generated better and more readable LLVM
   - More readable name-mangling.
   - Perform beta-reduction.
   - Other minor improvements that add up!

** Rename the user-defined entry-point function ~main~ to ~start~
   Otherwise we have two ~main~s, and it got messy. Now the
   codegenerator generates an "outer" ~main~ which does some stuff,
   and the user defines ~start~.

** Remove ~tail~ modifiers in codegen
   I thought just marking a call as ~tail~ would do no harm if the
   call was not in tail recursion, but it did!

** Implement ~sizeof~ ourselves!
   The previous method that ran in the ~EncodeAST~ monad was messy and
   stopped working when I needed ~mfix~ for a cyclic binding.

** Verify LLVM module before compiling to catch more errors

** No longer allow square brackets in place of parentheses

** Various bugfixes

* v0.0.2 <2019-10-30>
  Trying out releases -- this is the first one, more or
  less. Everything has been in such heavy development until now (and
  still is really, but it has calmed down slightly), so this feels

M foreign-core/Cargo.lock => foreign-core/Cargo.lock +1 -1
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# It is not intended for manual editing.
name = "carth-foreign-core"
version = "0.1.0"
version = "0.3.0"

M foreign-core/Cargo.toml => foreign-core/Cargo.toml +1 -1
@@ 1,6 1,6 @@
name = "carth-foreign-core"
version = "0.1.0"
version = "0.3.0"
authors = ["JoJo <jo@jo.zone>"]
edition = "2018"
description = "The foreign part of Carths core"

M package.yaml => package.yaml +1 -1
@@ 1,5 1,5 @@
name:                carth
git:                 https://gitlab.com/JoJoZ/carth
homepage:            https://carth.jo.zone
license:             AGPL-3.0-or-later