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  - Linear types

* Building
  This project is written in [[https://haskell.org][Haskell]] and uses the [[https://www.haskellstack.org/][Stack]] build
  system. The external dependencies required are [[https://llvm.org/][LLVM]] version 9.
  The compiler is writtern in [[https://haskell.org][Haskell]] and uses the [[https://www.haskellstack.org/][Stack]] build system,
  while the core-library is written in [[https://rust-lang.org][Rust]]. The external dependencies
  required are [[https://llvm.org/][LLVM]] version 9.

  To build the project, simply run ~stack build~. To install (copy the
  binary), run ~stack install~.

  The Carth compiler needs to link with a foreign core library of
  functions that can't be defined in Carth itself, to do things like
  input/output and pointer manipulation etc. This library is written
  in Rust and is located in "foreign-core/". Just build with ~cargo
  To build the project and install the ~carth~ binary, the core
  library, and the standard library, simply run ~make install~, which
  defaults to installing everything in ~~/.carth/~.

* Running

@@ 50,12 46,12 @@ Visit [[https://carth.jo.zone/][https://carth.jo.zone/]] for an overview of the 
  carth help c

  # Compile and run a program with default output filename
  carth c examples/test.carth
  carth c examples/fizzbuzz.carth

  # Compile a program with a specific output filename
  carth c -o examples/test.bin examples/test.carth
  carth c -o examples/fizzbuzz examples/fizzbuzz.carth

* License