An iOS mopidy client
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Freetunes 🎵 A mopidy client for iOS


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#Freetunes 🎵 A mopidy client for iOS

Freetunes is a native mopdidy client for iOS, written in swift and using SwiftUI.


  • Performance is important. Freetunes is written in native Swift code, and uses the Mopidy websocket server to provide a buttery-smooth browsing experience.
  • Aesthetics are important. Artwork is an integral part of the music listening experience. Like a tasteful frame on a canvas, so too will freetunes put the media front and centre.
  • User Experience is important. Freetunes uses Bonjour/Avahi to automatically detect Mopidy servers available on your network automatically!
  • Freedom is important. This project is licenced under GPL3 and will always be free. You can do whatever you want with this code as long as it's allowed in the GPL3.

#What Freetunes is not

  • A standalone music player. You need a Mopidy server to connect to before this app is useful
  • Freetunes does not play music: it only controls Mopidy. Maybe that will change someday - contributions welcome!


  • [ ] Basic navigation controls
    • [ ] Play/Pause/Stop
    • [ ] Previous, Next
    • [ ] Shuffle, Repeat
    • [ ] Scrub through tracks
  • [ ] Library navigation
    • [ ] Traverse library
    • [ ] Add individual tracks to playlist
    • [ ] Recursively add directories of tracks to playlist
    • [ ] Search the Library
  • [ ] Playlist
    • [ ] Clear the Playlist
    • [ ] Save the Playlist
    • [ ] Consume the Playlist (remove tracks from the list once they've played)
    • [ ] Add remove and rearrange tracks
  • [ ] Autodiscovery
    • [ ] Use Bonjour/Avahi to discover Mopidy servers
    • [ ] Provide a nice onboarding experience for new users