added script for just XRDP on ubuntu
fixed zsh path issue
Added support for raidz (single disk parity)
Removed future scripts that have been implemented from README
Fixed permissions setting on ~/.kube/ when copying config file
Updated readme for script changes
Fixed problem on Ubuntu 16.04 and tested - working!
added warning that script fails in Ubuntu 16.04
changed permissions for scripts
fixed typo and tested on Ubuntu 16.04
fixed logic for partition naming
Added option to identify disks by their /dev/sdX name (or /dev/nvme0n1) if the /dev/disk/by-id/X name could not be found
added check for Ubuntu 16.04 to change zfs apt package name
added support for single disk pools (untested)
Updated README for new scripts
Added zfs snapshot to k8s install script
Created kubernetes install script (and tested with real servers)
Fixed oh-my-zsh installation
Fixed oh-my-zsh installation