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added other old scripts, some newer ones too
118 files changed, 86594 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

A .gitignore
A bin2dec.sh
A code/code
A code/code2
A code/encode.sh
A code/file.txt
A code/file2.txt
A colors.sh
A compounds
A cp
A create_link
A find_file
A first
A first_last
A g
A game
A get.sh
A get_all_files
A greetings.sh
A hat/hat.sh
A hat/hat.txt
A hi.sh
A install/install_notes
A install/make_install
A install/make_install_perl
A invert-image.sh
A last
A launcher_maker
A loading.sh
A mail/install_mail
A mail/mail/mailprog.desktop
A mail/mail/programs/checkmail
A mail/mail/programs/mailprog
A mail/mail/programs/sendmail
A mail/mail/programs/showmail
A mail/mail/programs/startmail
A mail/mail/read.txt
A mail/make_mail_install
A mail/old.zip
A maze/logo.txt
A maze/makemaze
A maze/makemaze.pl
A maze/maze.sh
A maze/maze.txt
A maze/old/makemaze10x10
A maze/old/makemaze_old.sh
A maze/old/maze_old.sh
A myfind
A myps
A myrm
A mysort
A ncat
A network_scan.sh
A number
A obfuscated/decoder/decoder.sh
A obfuscated/decoder/decoder2.sh
A obfuscated/decoder/encoder.sh
A obfuscated/eval_echo/README.txt
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup00
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup01
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup02
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup03
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup04
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup05
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup06
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup07
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup08
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup09
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup10
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup11
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup12
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup13
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup14
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup15
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup16
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup17
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup18
A obfuscated/eval_echo/backup19
A obfuscated/eval_echo/eval_echo
A obfuscated/eval_echo/explain00
A obfuscated/eval_echo/explain01
A obfuscated/eval_echo/explain02
A obfuscated/eval_echo/notes
A objects/add
A objects/find
R add => phonebook/add
R change => phonebook/change
R display => phonebook/display
R export => phonebook/export
R lu => phonebook/lu
A phonebook/phonebook.txt
R print => phonebook/print
R rem => phonebook/rem
R rolo => phonebook/rolo
R test => phonebook/test
R tmp.txt => phonebook/tmp.txt
R x => phonebook/x
A quine.sh
A remove_spaces
A save.sh
A school/hours.txt
A school/school.sh
A school/subjects
A search
A see_all
A shar
A sizes/sizes.sh
A sizes/sizes.txt
A sizes/sizes_hist.txt
A time/clock
A time/t
A time/time
A time/time.txt
A time/time2
A time/time3
A timer
A tmp_manager
A word
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