added dictionary download to dockerfile
changed port on dockerfile
more hornswiggle words
more hornswiggle words
added source code links to hornswiggle
Dockerfile apt => apt-get
changed back to custom tensorflow
switch to gunicorn
added Dockerfile
changed gitlab links => sourcehut
added "Dr. Hornswiggle's Trancendental Ideations Generator"
added instructions to correct mistakes, fixed file naming
finished UI for BoggleCV :D
added full trace to error print, viewport on upload page
handle BoggleError and display message
changed method of merging immutabledicts to work in python3.8
added upload page to send images thru BoggleCV :)
made stats page faster by sorting and filtering on the server
5621ee6f — dependabot[bot] 5 months ago
Bump jinja2 from 2.10.1 to 2.11.3

Bumps [jinja2](https://github.com/pallets/jinja) from 2.10.1 to 2.11.3.
- [Release notes](https://github.com/pallets/jinja/releases)
- [Changelog](https://github.com/pallets/jinja/blob/master/CHANGES.rst)
- [Commits](https://github.com/pallets/jinja/compare/2.10.1...2.11.3)

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <support@github.com>
added tensorflow and BoggleCV, but not integrated yet