consciousness currently uploaded to the cloud



Library for the ArduinOLED board. More info at: https://johanv.xyz/ArduinOLED/


Setup scripts to create an Ubuntu server kubernetes cluster booting from ZFS with remote desktop


Card game based on War


Python library to convert textual numbers to integers


Java project that balances reactions and computes grams/moles. Includes fractional equation solver.


Policy-driven snapshot management and replication tools. Currently using ZFS for underlying next-gen storage, with explicit plans to support btrfs when btrfs becomes more reliable. Primarily intended for Linux, but BSD use is supported and reasonably frequently tested.


A command-line calculator written in python.


ENES100 Chemistry Team Code


Our trash can revolutionizes waste disposal by verbally assaulting ignorant fools who DARE dispose of their waste in the incorrect bin.


A tool that visualizes devices on the local network and maintains a leaderboard of total time connected.


Python program that solves a word puzzle called Boggle.


A manager for training cascade classifiers in OpenCV. Also has utilities for cropping and sorting large quantities of images quickly.


Python web-app to help create highschool student schedules


Install script for Linux Mint (can be used for other Ubuntu-based OS's)


Turn a GitHub wiki into a PDF to print, send in an email, etc.

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