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a $1 game console that fits in 1 hand, with a program smaller than 1kB https://johanv.xyz/ATinyGame


A repo to manage the setup of my computers.


My personal website's games section: https://games.johanv.xyz/


My personal website: https://johanv.xyz/


Turn a GitHub wiki into a PDF to print, send in an email, etc.


Use your Raspberry Pi Pico RGB Keypad to control OBS (or anything!) over bluetooth


a roguelike written in go


Alarm with a servo Arm connected to a raspberry Pi that Turns on my lights, or AlArmPiT for short.


Install script for Linux Mint (can be used for other Ubuntu-based OS's)


code for my livestream site: https://live.johanv.xyz/


Pull a ZFS pool from a remote server to the current computer. Useful when the backup machine is not publicly accessible.


Using OpenCV and Tensorflow to identify a Boggle board in an image and decode what letters are on the board.


Vote for your favorite photo from a gallery of options! https://votephome.johanv.xyz/

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