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a $1 game console that fits in 1 hand, with a program smaller than 1kB https://johanv.xyz/ATinyGame


my personal website


Forward an RTMP livestream to owncast, twitch, youtube, etc. and aggregate all the chats into one chatroom. https://rtmp.johanv.net


aggregate live chat from twitch, youtube, etc. and forward commands between as needed. https://botbot.jjv.sh


a lock screen that is worse


A repo to manage the setup of my computers.


Pull a ZFS pool from a remote server to the current computer. Useful when the backup machine is not publicly accessible.


Hugo + Owncast. Take control over your live stream video by running it yourself. Streaming + chat + static site out of the box.


My personal website's games section: https://games.johanv.net/


lightweight text and audio streaming service https://asciiradio.johanv.xyz/


many to many to many mindmap https://m2m2m.johanv.net/


Play minecraft door sounds when a real door is opened/closed


graph of total mastodon users over time


Alarm with a servo Arm connected to a raspberry Pi that Turns on my lights, or AlArmPiT for short.


Enabling phone call management and home automation while preserving user privacy. https://johanv.net/answermator/

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