Browser extension to create user-defined cookies for Chrome, Edge, Brave
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#Cuckie: User defined cookies

#Cuckie is a browser extension to create notifications based on personal browsing behaviors, by storing them in cookies.


Visit https://jochen.link/experiments/cuckie.html for more information.


  • Download and unzip Cuckie folder
  • Go to “extensions” in your browser options
  • Enable “developer mode”
  • Click “load unpacked”
  • Navigate to Cuckie folder and select it
  • If you don't see the extension in your browser bar please pin it [https://www.howtogeek.com/683099/how-to-pin-and-unpin-extensions-from-the-chrome-toolbar/](How to pin a browser extension)


  • Visit any website
  • Click the extension icon
  • Type in a note for the website you are currently on
  • Press "bake" to store the note in a user-generated cookie, or "eat" to close the Cuckie window
  • Reload the website
  • The Cuckie window will appear and display the message you saved
  • Click "eat" to delete the cookie, or "keep" to keep it.
  • You can open and close the Cuckie window anytime by clicking the extension icon
  • Pressing escape closes the Cuckie window as well