Decimal-time watch face for Chrome, Edge, Brave
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#Calculateur: A decimal watch face

#In contrast to common clocks, Calculateur tells the usable time ahead, mapping each day to 1000 decimal minutes, counting down.


Visit https://jochen.link/experiments/calculateur.html for more information, to download the SQFMI Watchy watch face, or to check out the web version.


  • Download and unzip Calculateur-Extension folder
  • Go to “extensions” in your browser options
  • Enable “developer mode”
  • Click “load unpacked”
  • Navigate to Calculateur-Extension folder and select c-1 folder
  • Repeat previous step 3 and 4 with c-2 and c-3


  • The Calculateur numbers in the top-right corner of your browser have to be in the order of c-1, c-2, c-3 from left to right.
  • If the numbers don't show up right away you have to "pin" them: How to pin browser extensions
  • You can hover over each number to see which unit it is. Then drag and drop them into the correct order if necessary.
  • Clicking on each number will change its color. (green, black, white, red)