Redmond, Washington


Applied mathematician and scientific programmer.


Cookiecutter template for C++/CUDA projects built with Meson


Template for JAX projects using Cookiecutter


Library for experimentation with manifold learning methods


Simple interface between Common Lisp and Maxima


Notes written while working my way through the source code of the SBCL compiler


Tool for printing call graphs


Buchberger's algorithm in Common Lisp


Source code accompanying paper on gentlest ascent dynamics on manifolds defined by point-clouds


Use Gaussian processes as collective variables in molecular simulations with NAMD


Convert decks of flashcards written in LaTeX to Anki


Numerical experiments for optimizing free energy perturbation paths via thermodynamic geometry


Boilerplate generator for Common Lisp projects


Simple Maple command-line interface for Emacs


REGEX-TRACE is a Common Lisp macro that TRACEs functions that match a given regular expression


Milestoning tool

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