small changes
Update Emacs/Doom config and build guide
small bash updates
Update Emacs build guide
update bash aliases
Update Doom config

- go back to lsp, disable eglot
- update docs, remove dead code
- switch to vertico from ivy
- add wordreference pkg
doom: add wallabag pkg
bash: short path in PS1
wf-recorder: add audio codec option
Add rustfmt global config
small updates
zathura: add config

(and rename rust-anal d/l script)
wf-recorder: add the ability to record audio
waybar: fix colors override
waybar: config battery colors
dig-any: add check for rDNS on AAAA record
doom: configure new path
Centralize in a single place LSP emacs reference
Move Emacs Doom config in its own XDG_CONFIG_DIR
emacs: various changes

- configured wordreference pkg
- replace lsp-mode with eglot
- small general config refactor
- add some docs