Tool to generate hare code from C header files
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#C Header to Hare

A small tool to generate compatible Hare types and function declarations from a C header file.


Requires Bison, Flex and a C compiler to build.

# builds c2ha
$ make


This tool doesn't check that the C header is correct, you should confirm this using a real compiler first. First, preprocess the header file with the following command.

$ gcc -E -P MyHeader.h > preprocessed.h

Next, pass the preprocessed header file top c2ha.

$ ./c2ha < preprocessed.h > output.ha

Note that c2ha doesn't handle many part of valid C at this time so you may need to remove code from the preprocessed header file before converting it.

See input.h for an example header file that c2ha can parse.


Note that #define FOO 1 is understood by c2ha but will be removed during preprocessing. To generate hare code for simple macros, you can create a separate header for macros. Only trivial decimal integer macros are supported right now.

# this is definitely not perfect but it should catch the most macros that c2ha understands.
$ grep -E '^#define[[:space:]]+\w+[[:space:]]+[[:digit:]]+[^\\]$' MyHeader.h > defines.h
$ ./c2ha < defines.h > defines.ha