Update README, stdin and I/O input
Basic working example
Finish DNF->CNF permutation logic
efdbbba9 — Jack Leightcap 1 year, 6 months ago
Redefine DNF vector, easier parsing to CNF vector
Finish DNF expressions, test solver
Initial variable encoding from permutations
Convert row/col restricts to permutation vecs
Filtering with lambda
Make sum vector increasing order, add permutations
Permutations of sums
SATExpr class definition
Clean constructor, improve tests, 'auto'
Spin off board definitions, begin SAT examples
Refactor, README
Convert to CMake, MiniSat
Change data ownership, board:class, restrict:main
Clean array comparisions in IO tests

Use a loop and compare sizes -- more modularity for future tests
Helper method in I/O for board class

Printing board is overlapped in both Board class definitions and I/O
Board class calls helper method passing private board field.
Change output type to fstream in place of stdout

Instead of optional redirect, always pipe solution string into
Reflected in makefile and tests.