verilog emulator for ben eater's 8bit breadboard cpu
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A modular, cycle-accurate emulator for Ben Eater's 8-bit breadboard computer written in Verilog allowing for easy expansion and testing.

The CPU architecture is an implementation of Ben Eater's design, but allows for easy implementation of modifications and common expansions such as a reset control signal and 8-bit memory addressing.


Write machine code to ram.v.

To monitor output register status, run make; to monitor bus, all registers, and control word status, run make verbose. Execute program in RAM with ./eatermu_tb.

#Instruction Set

Instruction Machine Code Meaning
NOP 0000_xxxx Do nothing
LDA imm8 0001_imm8 A = ram[imm8]
ADD imm8 0010_imm8 A += ram[imm8]
SUB imm8 0011_imm8 A -= ram[imm8]
STA imm8 0100_imm8 ram[imm8] = A
LDI imm8 0101_imm8 A = imm8
JMP imm8 0110_imm8 PC = imm8
JC imm8 0111_imm8 if carry flag set PC = imm8, else PC++
JZ imm8 1000_imm8 if zero flag set PC = imm8, else PC++
OUT 1110_xxxx OUT = A
HLT 1111_xxxx Halt CPU

The design of control.v allows for implementation of new instructions (in unused space between JZ and OUT), microcode modifications, and the addition of new control signals.

#Example Program and Usage

in ram.v,

// ...
initial begin
    memory[0]  <= 8'b0101_1111; // LDI 15
    memory[1]  <= 8'b0100_1111; // STA 15
    memory[2]  <= 8'b0010_1111; // ADD 15
    memory[3]  <= 8'b0100_0100; // STA 4
    memory[4]  <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[5]  <= 8'b1110_0000; // OUT
    memory[6]  <= 8'b0110_1110; // JMP 14
    memory[7]  <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[8]  <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[9]  <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[10] <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[11] <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[12] <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[13] <= 8'b0000_0000;
    memory[14] <= 8'b1111_1111;
    memory[15] <= 8'b0000_0000;
// ...

This program uses the ALU to calculate the data 0x1e, then executes that data as the instruction LDA 14. The contents of memory address 14 are stored to the output register then executed as the instruction HLT.

Just viewing output register status, make && ./eateremu_tb


Or a verbose output, make verbose && ./eateremu_tb

                   0: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=0 a=00 b=00 o=00
                   1: bus=zzzz0000 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=0 a=00 b=00 o=00
                   3: bus=01011111 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=0 a=00 b=00 o=00
                   5: bus=zzzz1111 ctrl=0000101000000000 mem_addr=0 a=00 b=00 o=00
                   6: bus=zzzz1111 ctrl=0000101000000000 mem_addr=0 a=0f b=00 o=00
                   7: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=0 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  17: bus=zzzz0001 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=0 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  18: bus=zzzz0001 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=1 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  19: bus=01001111 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=1 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  21: bus=zzzz1111 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=1 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  22: bus=zzzz1111 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=f a=0f b=00 o=00
                  23: bus=00001111 ctrl=0010000100000000 mem_addr=f a=0f b=00 o=00
                  25: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=f a=0f b=00 o=00
                  33: bus=zzzz0010 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=f a=0f b=00 o=00
                  34: bus=zzzz0010 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=2 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  35: bus=00101111 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=2 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  37: bus=zzzz1111 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=2 a=0f b=00 o=00
                  38: bus=zzzz1111 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=f a=0f b=00 o=00
                  39: bus=00001111 ctrl=0001000000100000 mem_addr=f a=0f b=00 o=00
                  40: bus=00001111 ctrl=0001000000100000 mem_addr=f a=0f b=0f o=00
                  41: bus=00011110 ctrl=0000001010000001 mem_addr=f a=0f b=0f o=00
                  42: bus=00101101 ctrl=0000001010000001 mem_addr=f a=1e b=0f o=00
                  43: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=f a=1e b=0f o=00
                  49: bus=zzzz0011 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=f a=1e b=0f o=00
                  50: bus=zzzz0011 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=3 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  51: bus=01000100 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=3 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  53: bus=zzzz0100 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=3 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  54: bus=zzzz0100 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=4 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  55: bus=00011110 ctrl=0010000100000000 mem_addr=4 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  57: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=4 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  65: bus=zzzz0100 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=4 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  67: bus=00011110 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=4 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  69: bus=zzzz1110 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=4 a=1e b=0f o=00
                  70: bus=zzzz1110 ctrl=0100100000000000 mem_addr=e a=1e b=0f o=00
                  71: bus=11111111 ctrl=0001001000000000 mem_addr=e a=1e b=0f o=00
                  72: bus=11111111 ctrl=0001001000000000 mem_addr=e a=ff b=0f o=00
                  73: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=e a=ff b=0f o=00
                  81: bus=zzzz0101 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=e a=ff b=0f o=00
                  82: bus=zzzz0101 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=5 a=ff b=0f o=00
                  83: bus=11100000 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=5 a=ff b=0f o=00
                  85: bus=11111111 ctrl=0000000100010000 mem_addr=5 a=ff b=0f o=00
                  86: bus=11111111 ctrl=0000000100010000 mem_addr=5 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                  87: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=5 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                  97: bus=zzzz0110 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=5 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                  98: bus=zzzz0110 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=6 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                  99: bus=01101110 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=6 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                 101: bus=zzzz1110 ctrl=0000100000000010 mem_addr=6 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                 103: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=0000000000000000 mem_addr=6 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                 113: bus=zzzz1110 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=6 a=ff b=0f o=ff
                 114: bus=zzzz1110 ctrl=0100000000000100 mem_addr=e a=ff b=0f o=ff
                 115: bus=11111111 ctrl=0001010000001000 mem_addr=e a=ff b=0f o=ff
                 117: bus=zzzzzzzz ctrl=1000000000000000 mem_addr=e a=ff b=0f o=ff